Mini-Contest #25

Mini-Contest #25 officially launched on April 12, 2015. Its premise is


Tell, show, or evoke a complete story in 20 to 40 words. In this story, you must use the EXACT same word at least twice, but each time you use it, it must have a different definition.

Terrible example #1: “If light were a solid object, it would feel light and fluffy.” That’s not even a story! But it does use the exact same word (“light”) with two different meanings.

Terrible example #2: “I ate some bananas, then went bananas.” Too short to qualify and it’s dumb, but again—exact same word (“bananas”), different meanings.

Deadline: 11:59 PM Eastern Time, Thursday, April 30, 2015.

One entry per author, and there is no fee for entering.

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By the way, please don’t give your mini-contest entry a title. We never publish titles of mini-contest entries, just the entries themselves.

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